I help organizations and humans to navigate through new times

With nearly two decades of extensive national and international experience in various markets, including companies, startups, and consulting firms, I apply systemic and storytelling methodologies with a design approach centered not only on humans but also on the ecosystem. The goal is to promote value-driven solutions and innovation journeys for companies, institutions, and individuals in building more desirable and regenerative futures.


Graduated in Advertising and post-graduated in Strategic Design and Innovation with 20 years of experience across various segments and market sizes, I have expertise in marketing, branding, communication, organizational culture, events, innovation, product management, business development, strategic and service design, research, future studies, and customer experience. Recognized for leading teams, projects, and programs with agile methodologies and transforming concepts into innovative B2C and B2B solutions, I have delivered results for medium and large companies, startups, and consulting firms. I also volunteer as mentor and teacher to entrepreneurs and small businesses through partnerships with NGOs and institutions.

From Chinese backgroung, I am fluent in Portuguese and English, with intermediate proficiency in Mandarin and Spanish. I have a broad networking network, ready to contribute to challenges in national and international environments.


How can I collaborate?


Service contractor for companies and brands

Lectures, masterclasses, and facilitation of talks, panels, and workshops tailored for different audiences

Services for small business, startups and entrepreneurs


My projects

I have executed and led teams in over 12 highly complex projects within the contexts and needs of large companies. Here, you can get a general idea of some selected works. For more details and additional projects, please request a meeting. ;)

"Lin played an essential role in representing the customer's voice, skillfully organizing and structuring approach strategies, as well as synthesizing diverse perceptions into actionable insights in an executive manner. Furthermore, her remarkable ability to create engaging narratives that articulate logical and persuasive reasoning is a hallmark of her expertise in business design and related competencies."

Ex-Executive Manager

Large enterprise in the technology sector

"Lin has diverse experiences, which allows her to bring various contributions with a different perspective to the project, complementing the team. Furthermore, she is always willing to help and find solutions, being a reference person we can rely on."

Ex-Innovation Manager

Innovation and Technology Consulting Firm

"Lin is an excellent professional. She delivered exactly what I requested, with impeccable quality. I highly recommend her!"

Contractor client

"It was a great experience working with Lin. The communication was perfect, as well as the outcome of the work. I loved it and highly recommend it!! I will definitely work with her again!"

Contractor client

People don't buy products and services.

They buy relations, stories and magic.