Strategic Planning

Using OKRs, define and prioritize strategic objectives that are connected to the company's purpose, and translate them into short- to long-term initiatives. Additionally, incorporate drivers such as ESG and strategic foresight to create desirable future visions.

Strategic and Service Design
  • research and discovery: qualitative, shadowing, and ethnography

  • desk research, benchmarking, and competitive analysis

  • trend research and strategic foresight

  • data analysis and synthesis, with insight reports and opportunity maps

  • journey mapping, service blueprints, and personas creation

  • facilitation of workshops and co-creation and prioritization sessions

  • business model and value proposition creation and review

  • MVP prototyping and testing in the lean process, leading UX/UI teams

  • customer experience and journey diagnosis and improvement

Innovation and Business Development

Do you need someone with a leadership profile to manage your high-performance team in delivering projects and strategic programs in an agile manner, with a real focus on your audience's experience? Count on me ;)

Contractor and Management Services for Companies and Brands

Open Innovation and Community Management

Building and managing relationships with events, communities, and innovation hubs, negotiating for solution development, and managing initiatives and POCs in partnership with external stakeholders such as startups, academic institutions, VCs, VBs, accelerators, among other players in the innovation ecosystem.